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My Story

I am blessed with amazing children and an incredibly supportive husband. As my kids left the nest, it was natural to contemplate what I will do with the next chapter of my life.  As a pharmacist for many years, I wanted to change my career and accomplish something totally different. My motivation is to live an intentional life and have a positive impact on others. Opening a retreat center was perfect for my love for entertaining, for cherishing memories in photos and for strengthening relationships. Everyone needs more connection and is hungry for interaction. Being present with others and living in the moment is important for our overall health and well-being. With all of this technology at our finger tips we forget that we need to be physically together to thrive. I hope Circles Retreat will be a special place for people to grow, heal, reflect, create and connect. May these retreats cause a positive ripple effect to others around you.  Please take a break from your busy life and attend one of my retreats or host one of your own.


Let’s Circle Up,

Rebecca Kitowski

Circles Grapics.png

Why the name Circles?

I love the symbolism of a circle and all that it represents like unity, trust and wholeness. No beginning and no end. The circle is a powerful shape and has extensive meaning.  The circle encompasses the attributes of peacefulness, safety, inclusivity and relaxation.  I hope you will bring you Circle of family and friends to experience this incredibly majestic venue.

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