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  Joy Retreat

Friday, February 23, 2024 at 6:00pm

through Sunday, February 25, 2023 at noon


Rebecca Kitowski and Catherine Walker

Don’t miss this opportunity to be with Catherine Walker all weekend!  Catherine is a true gem and inspires others to take control of their own happiness. She is the author of the book Boosting Your Joy and host of Joy Break Podcast. Catherine has been speaking to groups for over 20 years and will empower you with practical and purposeful advice about how to live your best life. 


At the retreat, she will give you tips and tricks to lead a joyful life using different ways to think, speak and act.   Catherine will also lead a hands-on workshop on ways to reset after a hard day, providing you with an implementable guide on how to manage stress.


She will also challenge the balance of your life and make sure that where you are spending your time aligns with your values. You will gain such clarity after this session! 


Finally,  Catherine will share ways to accept your past and be truly intentional about your future!

Come and learn how Rebecca Kitowski remains positive and healthy. She is a light for others even though she has experienced the sad heartbreak of the death of her son, Logan. It is in our darkest hour that our eyes can truly see. Rebecca knows that a broken heart still beats and has figured out life skills to keep living a life focused on gratitude and connecting with others.  She will show you how to grow your gratitude garden and how it is the key to joy.


At the retreat, she will lead a discussion about friendship because it is vital to strengthen our relationships in order to connect and lead a meaningful life.  Rebecca will motivate you to change your mindset with positive mantras during the Healing workshop.  This will be life changing to cure illness and body aches.


Rebecca will inspire you to create a dream board that will reflect your goals and vision for the future.  There will be time to reflect on where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there.  The vision board will be something concrete that you can take home.  Visually seeing your dreams every day is an important step to fulfilling them. 

Topics for the Retreat

The doors will open at 6:00PM for check in and the Joy Retreat program will start promptly at 7:00PM.  Please plan your day and travel time accordingly, so you won’t miss any of the presentations.


Each guest will have her own bed in a shared bedroom that sleeps 2, 3 or 4 women with a shared bathroom.  Please let me know if you are unable to go upstairs.  The Joy Retreat is only for female participants who are 18 years and older.  NO smoking, vaping or pets are allowed on the property.

You will be pampered with 5 delicious home cooked meals, snacks and drinks (tea and coffee).  

Please bring your own soft drinks or alcohol for the weekend.

You will leave this JOYFUL weekend renewed, refreshed and with a new sense of purpose. 


All meals, lodging and program are included for $495.

Register EARLY by January 15, 2024 and get $100 OFF which brings the cost for this incredible weekend to $395.  You can Zelle the money to my phone number at 817-909-8754 and enter Circles Retreat on Lake Whitney as the company.  


Contact Rebecca Kitowski at 817-909-8754 or email at to reserve your spot or for more information.

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